La Luz de Candela

Seasonal food

Samll eleven tables restaurant in Málaga downtown, Spain, La Luz de Candela wants to work w' local products in order to offer you a fresh Mediterranean cuisine.
Tuesday to Thursday - 7h30-9h45h pm (last reservation) - Friday & Saturday, 1h-2h30 pm - 8h-10h30 pm

Following abuses of "No show", the reservations are kept 10 minutes. Thank you for your understanding…


Homemade marinated salmon Homemade marinated salmon, fennel, cherry tom’ & mix salad, lemon, saffron & olive oil dressing…[Media/9€•Ración/15€]
Goat cheese salad Goat cheese salad w' sun dried fruits, nuts, Málaga sweet wine dressing…[M/9€•R/15€]
Spinach salad Spinach salad w’ mango, parmesan cheese & sun dried cherry tom’…[M/9€•R/15€]
Peas soup Soup of the day (peas soup, gazpacho, salmorejo…)[M/6€]
Potatoes arrugadas Potatoes «arrugadasw' mojo verde»…[T/3,5€•M/6€]



Crab remoulade Crab remoulade, (homemade mayonaise, grabed celeryac), pois gourmands…[M/10€•R/18€]
Turbot carpaccio Turbot carpaccio, emulsion of olive oil, honey and lemon…[M/11€]
Codfish «esqueixada» Codfish «esqueixada», (tomato dices, red onion) & tapenade…[M/8€•R/16€]
Scallop Scallop, dill, cold ratatouille, jus dressing…[4,50€ each]
Sea bass fillet Sea bass fillet, green asparagus, «beurre blanc»…[M/9€•R/18€]



Duck «foie gras» Duck «foie gras», figues marmalade w’ toasts…[T/5€•M/10€]
Confit’ secreto iberico Confit’ secreto iberico & sealed w’ spiced honey, baked potatoes, ham & figue jus…[M/9€•R/17€]
Rump steak’ Rump steak, « a lo pobre » potatoes, red wine jus…[M/10€•R/18€]
Roasted rump of lamb Roasted rump of lamb, spinach & oyster mueshroom sauté, black olive tapenade jus…[M/12€•R/22€]


Cheeses & Sweets.

Cheese plate Cheese plate depending on market availability…[7,50€]
Chocolate & orange quenelles Chocolate & orange quenelles…[4,50€]
Cold white chocolate soup Cold white chocolate soup caramelized dry fruits, cinnamon…[4,50€]
Cheesecake without cake Cheesecake without cake, dulce de leche, dark chocolate…[4,50€]


17/12/24 & 17/12/31

Menu 24/12/17[70€]

Menu 31/12/17 [80€]



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Calle Dos Aceras, 20 - 29012 Málaga
Contact or reservation by phone : +34 951 382 251 / +34 648 853 253, online or by message below. If not possible online, call us... :