La Luz de Candela

Seasonal food

La Luz de Candela closes its doors from the 12th au 23rd of August included and the 18 of September…

Samll eleven tables restaurant in Málaga downtown, Spain, La Luz de Candela wants to work w' local products in order to offer you a fresh Mediterranean cuisine.
Tuesday to Thursday - 7h30-9h45h pm (last reservation) - Friday & Saturday, 1h-2h30 pm - 8h-10h30 pm

Following abuses of "No show", the reservations are kept 10 minutes. Thank you for your understanding…


Homemade marinated salmon Homemade marinated salmon, fennel, cherry tom’ & mix salad, lemon, saffron & olive oil dressing…[Media/9€•Ración/15€]
Goat cheese salad Goat cheese salad w' sun dried fruits, nuts, Málaga sweet wine dressing…[M/9€•R/15€]
Spinach salad Spinach salad w’ mango, parmesan cheese & sun dried cherry tom’…[M/9€•R/15€]
Peas soup Soup of the day (peas soup, gazpacho, salmorejo…)[M/6€]
Potatoes arrugadas Potatoes «arrugadasw' mojo verde»…[T/3,5€•M/6€]



Crab remoulade Crab remoulade, (homemade mayonaise, grabed celeryac), pois gourmands…[M/10€•R/18€]
Turbot carpaccio Turbot carpaccio, emulsion of olive oil, honey and lemon…[M/11€]
Codfish «esqueixada» Codfish «esqueixada», (tomato dices, red onion) & tapenade…[M/8€•R/16€]
Scallop Scallop, dill, cold ratatouille, jus dressing…[4,50€ each]
Sea bass fillet Sea bass fillet, green asparagus, «beurre blanc»…[M/9€•R/18€]



Duck «foie gras» Duck «foie gras», figues marmalade w’ toasts…[T/5€•M/10€]
Confit’ secreto iberico Confit’ secreto iberico & sealed w’ spiced honey, baked potatoes, ham & figue jus…[M/9€•R/17€]
Rump steak’ Rump steak, « a lo pobre » potatoes, red wine jus…[M/10€•R/18€]
Roasted rump of lamb Roasted rump of lamb, spinach & oyster mueshroom sauté, black olive tapenade jus…[M/12€•R/22€]


Cheeses & Sweets.

Cheese plate Cheese plate depending on market availability…[7,50€]
Chocolate & orange quenelles Chocolate & orange quenelles…[4,50€]
Cold white chocolate soup Cold white chocolate soup caramelized dry fruits, cinnamon…[4,50€]
Cheesecake without cake Cheesecake without cake, dulce de leche, dark chocolate…[4,50€]


17/12/24 & 17/12/31

Menu 24/12/17[70€]

Menu 31/12/17 [80€]



Luz de Candela: Filosofía slow food en el centro de Málaga Luz de Candela: Filosofía slow food en el centro de Málaga…
La Luz de Candela, Málaga – Ranskalaista gastronomiaa La Luz de Candela, Málaga – Ranskalaista gastronomiaa
La Luz de Candela: slow food y mucho mimo La Luz de Candela: slow food y mucho mimo
Tages Woche Wochenendlich in Málaga In Andalusien den Winterstiefeln davonlaufen



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Calle Dos Aceras, 20 - 29012 Málaga
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